Hip Hop & Cartoons is Now on Youtube

Gena Perala – Hip Hop & Cartoons (Official Video)
Background Illustrations: Cael Nolan
Director of Photography: Chris Hebert
Editor: Chris Hebert
Executive Producer: Gena Perala, Trevor Holt


Fat World is now on Youtube

Gena Perala – Fat World (Official Video)
Director of Photography: Shawn Yeo
Editor: Chris Hebert
Art Director: Monika Waber
Stylist: Meredity Rokosz


Hoopla is now on Youtube

This is the first music video I’ve produced and directed myself. Enjoy!

Director of Photography:  Jocelyn Sanchez
Editor:  Karilynn Ming Ho
Hair and Makeup: Jen Vanderzalm of Dames and Dolls
Stylist: Meredith Rokosz
Jewelry (and them radical eyepatches): Andrea Rokosz of Army of Rokosz


My first Music Vide-OH SNAP! Yup!

Making a music video was a really amazing experience and I learned so much. I’m excited to share it with y’all so please CHECK. IT. OUT!!!

Music Video by Gena Perala performing Living Proof
Directed by Blake Farber
Produced by Insider Films


Live Session with Fresh Independence


Live performance of “La Fin”

Gena Perala – Piano, Vocals
Marisol Valerio – Violin
Lewis Holloway – Accordion
Tom Tischer – Drums
Director of Photography: Geoffrey Tomlin-Hood